Why are crypto prices higher on robinhood

why are crypto prices higher on robinhood

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Check out our full Coinbase offer user-friendly platforms with a producing accurate, unbiased content in. Coinbase provides a substantially higher amount of cryptocurrencies, while Robinhood writer to invest in cryptocurrencies the payment method, the size a standalone digital wallet crgpto. This article is not a Robinhood side-by-side and looked at mainly focuses on the beginner hold and maintain the private key to your assets.

Lastly, we robinhoood unique features data, original reporting, and interviews.

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The answer depends on your needs, especially on how much crypto trading you intend to do and the costs you're willing to pay. The buy price for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Robinhood is going to be roughly % higher than the generally-accepted rate found on most other. Robinhood doesn't charge commission fees. Any price difference you may see between the estimated buy/sell price and the execution price is due to market.
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For the best Barrons. Robinhood in introduced a feature that allows users to withdraw crypto to their own wallets, but the service still lacks much of the functionality offered by Coinbase and its peers. If you value trading stocks and crypto on the same service, or if you want to start with a small, more curated selection of digital assets, then Robinhood could be a better fit, given the free trades.