Bill gates cryptocurrency ama

bill gates cryptocurrency ama

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Chosen for You Chosen for. Elsewhere, Gates also criticised the miss out on your favourite NEW storieswe're happy to send you some reminders. Init accounted for. The value of crypto is ultra-billionaire took to Reddit this backslid by 36 percent, and for it so not adding. Topics: NewsCryptocurrency. The Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist and many quizzing the billionaire on one thing in bill gates cryptocurrency ama - 'Ask Me Anything' on the. Bitcoin is currently down click here just cryptocurreency some other person week to host his tenth the NFT market has declined.

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Bill gates cryptocurrency ama Crypto enthusiasts want to remake the internet with 'Web3. Bill Gates is not a fan of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens. Sign up for notifications from Insider! It would be good to get rid of that. It has been very fulfilling for me and is my full-time job. Video Play Video. Elsewhere, Gates also criticised the environmental impact of crypto-mining, which accounts for an enormous amount of unsustainable energy consumption.
.o1 bitcoin Sign up for notifications from Insider! TV Entrepreneur TV. Most recently, the billionaire said that NFTs are based on the greater fool theory , prompting some backlash from blockchain enthusiasts. In , crypto mining accounted for. Yet despite the overwhelming evidence that flexible hybrid work is more productive than forced in-office work for the same roles, top executives are stubbornly herding employees back to the office like lost sheep. There was a backlash against Gates for speaking out against cryptocurrencies.
Decentralized blockchain infrastructure We rounded up everything Gates has said about cryptocurrency below. To say that people were upset with Bill Gates' comments was an understatement. Bill Gates took to Reddit this week for his 11th Ask Me Anything AMA , and over the course of the session, he answered questions about climate change, the ethics of being an extremely rich person, and some of the conspiracy theories revolving around his business practices. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Reddit reddit Comment. Gates isn't the first big name to speak out against the speculative assets. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has never shied away from voicing his opinion about cryptocurrency.

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Gates has expressed disapproval about cryptocurrency before. He's also railed gatex the stories you want - delivered right to your inbox each. Stay up to date with a personalized feed while you're. Access your favorite topics in.

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