Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean Bulk of CDs DVDs

An ultrasonic cleaner can also deliver the fantastic result while cleaning bulk of CDs and DVDs. If you are a chaser of music or movies, you might have a large collection of CD and DVD disc in the collection. Obviously, these small discs can be getting dirty after some time usage. If you manually clean up these small disc cases, it will certainly cost you much effort and time. A portable yet efficient machine, ultrasonic cleaner, come into the place. It can not only strip away the particles, grimes from the disc but also no damage to the case.

An ultrasonic cleaner works with a device of transducer that can produce the ultra sound wave with different frequency. These sonic sound wave travels through water to create thousands of microscopic bubbles. Whiles these tiny bubbles get touch with the surface of dirty items, they are exploded then release the extreme power to blow away those grimes and dirt. The whole process is called cavitation. If the grimes are stubborn and could not be removed with just tap water, you can add some specific chemical solution to raise the overall cleaning performance.

A CD rack is becoming useful while to load a stack of the disc into the water tank. Some chemical solution might be harmful to human skins, so you had better not get any touch with them but to use a rack. To put a rack of CD or DVD into water tank can also make sure the space between each CD or DVD piece is equal, so as to get the best cleaning result during the process of cleaning circle.

If you need to add chemical solution into the water tank, you remember to get rid of the extra air bubble in the solution. The process is called “degassing”. To remove the trapped air in solution can reduce the cleaning time and raise the solution usage efficiency. Actually, it is not all cleaners having degassing function, but if your ultrasonic cleaner has, you have to enable the degassing process first before to put the disc into the water bath.

Once the cleaning circle is completed, just use some dry clothes to wipe off the water residues and get them dry as soon as possible. There won’t be any water stains left on the surface of the disc if wipe to dry them manually.

An ultrasonic cleaner is very convenient yet efficient cleaning machine. It can not only save you much time and effort on CD and DVD cleaning but also give the best protection during the cleaning process, no worry for any scratch left on the disc. Apart from CD and DVD cleaning, ultrasonic cleaner is also performing well on various dirty items, e.g jewelry. Jewelry ultrasonic cleaner is also one of the most popular cleaning machine for home and professional usage on the market.

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